About Our Company

About Our Company

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide honest and affordable credit repair services coupled with top-notch customer service to help consumers with credit repair issues. This improves their credit by not only removing items, but we also educate consumers to achieve their financial goals and move to a brighter future.

Our Vision

We take responsibility for QUALITY

The services we render are “best in class” in terms of value received for dollars paid. We will
deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to your needs.

We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We believe in respecting clients, listening to
your needs, and delivering customized solutions. We strive to exceed your expectations every

We act with INTEGRITY in all we do

Credit Right Services is accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty
and fairness in all aspects of our work. We fulfill our commitments as responsible credit users
and employees. We consistently treat clientele with the respect deserved

We’re Secure

We understand that improving your credit means that you’ll have to share private information, but we’re ethical and uphold industry standard security practices ensuring your data stays safe.

Commitment To Our Customers

You can take advantage of our highly trained sales staff who will explain the entire process and all of your options before you decide to invest in our services. Once you are a customer, we will process your order and complete your package quickly and easily while focusing on 100% customer satisfaction. If at any time, you are not satisfied with any portion of our service, we will stand behind our satisfaction guarantee and assure that your needs are addressed so that you are happy with our services and would recommend us in the future. We believe besides having an unsurpassed customer service commitment also we have the best warranty in the industry. If you find a better one, show it to us and we will offer to beat it. What could be better than a Credit Report Repair Service that warranties its performance?