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If you have bad credit, you’re not alone. Approximately 16% of Americans have very poor credit, making it extremely difficult to take out loans at all, let alone at a reasonable interest rate.

Having bad credit can set you back when it comes to making major purchases on a car or a house. However, there are strategies you can implement in an effort to rebuild your credit even if it’s currently in bad shape.


Credit Right Services is the Best Credit Repair Company in Miami, FL

Credit repair companies in Miami can show you exactly what is impacting your credit score and help you find ways to fix it. At Credit Right, we offer affordable credit repair to Miami residents. If you have been trying to build your credit score, you may benefit from the services offered by local credit repair companies in Miami. Credit Right provides credit repair services in Miami to build your credit, starting with a free credit repair consultation.

We can help by disputing incorrect or outdated information included on your credit report. In addition, we will follow up on the results and monitor them to prevent the reappearance of errors in the future. Contact us to schedule your credit repair consultation.

Top Financial Services Offered by Credit Right Services in Miami, FL

At Credit Right, we provide the necessary services to help you repair your credit report. Whether your credit is suffering after your accounts were sent to collections or you were just late on a few payments, we can help. Even if you have filed bankruptcy, we can fix your credit score. Bad credit or no credit, Credit Right has the solution.

Below are the Top Financial Services Offered by Credit Right Services in Miami, FL:

  • Collection Removal – If you have collection accounts on your credit report, we provide collection removal in Miami to make them go away. Our experts know the best ways to remove collections from your credit report.
  • Repair Bad Credit – It is possible to repair bad credit in Miami. We can fix a bad credit score quickly.
  • Late Payment Removal – Late payment removal in Miami is a great way to save your credit score after a late payment. At Credit Right, we have the necessary experience to remove late payments from your credit reports.
  • Bankruptcy Removal – Credit Right is the go-to company for bankruptcy removal in Miami. You may think it is difficult to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report, but we make it easy. Removing an outdated bankruptcy from a credit report is just one of the ways we help rebuild your credit.
  • Fix Your Credit Score – It takes considerable effort to fix your credit score in Miami. Fortunately, our skilled team has extensive knowledge and training when it comes to credit report repair. If you need credit score repair in Miami, call Credit Right.

You do not have to worry about credit repair all on your own. Credit Right offers multifaceted solutions to help you build and restore your credit. Contact us today at 305-677-9165.

Credit Repair Strategies

When it comes down to it, credit improvement is a straightforward process that requires more behavioral changes than anything. What matters most is that you develop a plan and stick to it. Our team will look at your unique situation to form the perfect strategy for you.

We’ll also be with you every step of the way to keep you motivated and updated on your progress. Contact us today to learn more about our processes!

Reasons You Should Repair Your Credit

  • You’ll be able to use credit rather than having to save up cash for all your purchases.
  • Debt collectors will stop harassing you.
  • You’ll have lower interest rates when you purchase a home.

Get Started

Take your first step towards your credit repair journey by contacting our team today. Either give us a call at (305) 677-9165 or fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to repair your credit?

The most efficient way to repair your credit is to focus on paying all your bills and existing credit lines on time.

Does overdraft affect credit score?

Bank overdrafts will not affect your credit score as long as they are resolved in a timely manner.
Once the overdraft amount is paid and your account returns to a zero or positive balance, your account returns to normal.

What is the best company to use to fix your credit?

Credit Right will be with you every step of the way, keeping you motivated with progress updates.

How do I remove negative items from my credit report?

If the item is accurate, it cannot be removed. You can remove incorrect items by disputing negative items with credit reporting agencies and the original creditors.

Can I get a late charge removed?

You can write a letter to the creditor and explain to them why your payment was late. Once they agree to forgive the late payment, an adjustment will be made to your credit report.
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